Sleep Apnea Quiz

Take this sleep apnea quiz.  The following questions are designed to help you to determine if sleep apnea is a problem for you. The answers will determine if you are at risk of having sleep apnea. A positive answer likely will mean that you may have this condition or some type of sleeping disorder that is interrupting your sleep.

Essential Questions Which May Be an Indication of Sleep Apnea

* Are there periods when you are sleeping that you stop breathing for ten seconds or even longer?
* Do you feel tired and sleepy all day long?
* Do you snore when you sleep?
* Do you have a hard time staying awake during the day?
* Do you have headaches after rising in the morning?

If you answered yes to several of these questions, you are exhibiting symptoms of sleep apnea.  A visit to your physician could be beneficial if conditions persist.

While Sleeping

* Do you snore when you are sleeping?
* Do you wake up and feel as if you are choking?
* Do you have to sleep propped up by pillows?
* Do you wake often during the night for no reason?
* Have you wet your bed lately?

If you answer yes to these questions there is an indication of a sleep disorder that may or may not be sleep apnea.

Emotional Aspects May Be an Indicator

* Do you ever feel that you do not know what is going on around you, that you are unable to keep your mind on the task at hand or feel that you are losing you mind?
* Are you depressed? Do you see no point in getting up in the morning?
* Are you avoiding your friend because they tell you are acting strange?
* Does everything get on your nerves? Do you feel angry a lot of the time?

Yes answers mean something is not right. These are not normal emotions and could well mean the existence of an underlying disorder.

Physical Well-Being

* Can you breathe through your nose or does it stay stopped up all the time?
* Do you have any of the following?
1) high blood pressure
2) heart disease
3) pain in the joints
4) severe esophageal reflux

* Do you have relatives who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea?
* Are you heavier than you should be?
* Men – Do you have a collar size of 17 inches or more?
* Is your chin small and do you have a receding jaw?
* Do you drink alcohol before retiring for the evening?

The answers to these questions may mean that you are at risk for sleep apnea. You may already have it and this could be the reason for your yes answers to the above questions. If you have answered these questions positively you should definitely go to your family doctor for a physical exam and find out if you have sleep apnea. It does not hurt to check and it may just prolong your life if you find out you do have this disorder.  Left untreated sleep apnea causes serious health problems.

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